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Support a Critical Health Care Tool - Medical Imaging 
From Ultrasounds to X-Rays and CAT Scans, patients from across the region are able to receive diagnostic tests close to home. Each year, approximately 362,000 exams are performed at all hospital & urgent care sites of Niagara Health. 
Medical Imaging provides physicians with information about internal structures that they otherwise could not see.  As a result, medical imaging equipment plays a key role in maintaining and improving patient health.
Every day, Niagara Health staff use various imaging equipment to generate timely, accurate pictures of the structures and activities inside the body.  Doctors depend on this advanced technology to investigate a patient’s condition; confirm diagnoses; recommend treatment options and then assess the response to that treatment.
Some Medical Imaging services operate around the clock to support the care of inpatients, outpatients, and urgent and emergency cases. This ensures that patients across Niagara region are able to receive the care they need, when they need it.
In order to continue providing the highest quality of care for Niagara Health’s patients, it is absolutely essential that Medical Imaging equipment is kept up-to-date.
We urgently need $2.23 million to replace and enhance our Medical Imaging equipment for the hospitals across Niagara, to ensure that the excellent patient care we provide today will be there whenever you – or your loved ones – need us. Your gift to Medical Imaging will aid in the replacement and enhancement of Medical Imaging equipment, tools Niagara Health doctors need to make the best decisions in their patients’ care.

Give the Gift of Comfort through Patient Care Equipment:
When a person’s care requires an inpatient stay at one of our hospitals, our health professionals aim to provide the best experience for the patient and their family.  This commitment includes providing medical and patient care equipment to ensure a safe, secure and dignified environment.
The basic necessities of patient care – equipment such as patient beds– tend to be things we take for granted.  The truth is that our hospitals rely on donor dollars to acquire these essentials. 
Top-priority needs for Inpatient Care include a number of specialized beds – all integral to ensuring patient safety and comfort. 
Specialized Beds for sites across Niagara Health
Throughout our sites, new beds are needed ensure sure patients are safe and comfortable during their stay – and in many cases, specialized beds are vital to optimal care.
The types of beds topping our list of urgent priorities include: Birthing Beds that transition smoothly through the stages of labour and delivery; Caroll Beds that allow patients to easily adjust for their own comfort and safety; Bariatric Beds that support and help mobilize patients of size without compromising dignity; and Linet Beds which can be tilted and programmed to help critical care patients with drainage or other special needs. For our Extended Care patients, a good bed can be the most valuable thing we can offer for their quality-of-life.
$312,000 is urgently needed to purchase the necessary beds for optimal patient care across Niagara Health. A gift towards the purchase of patient care will provide comfort to patients for years to come!